Identify. Contain. Eradicate.

Our team rapidly responds to cyber attacks

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Cyber Threats aren't going away. Neither are we.

Crypsis is your partner in managing the risks

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Security is a People Problem

We are always looking for passionate team members

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Under Attack?

Crypsis identifies, contains, and eradicates the threats and risks associated with cyber attacks.

  • Incident Response

    Secure your network and define the scope of your attack as quickly as possible to mitigate loss. Crypsis performs precise forensic investigations to understand which data is at risk and plan the appropriate level of response.

  • risk Management

    Monitor and manage threats, whether internal or external, before experiencing an attack. Crypsis provides a full range of risk and threat management services to support your security strategy.

Our Mission

Crypsis serves as a trusted security advisor before, during, and after a breach through the use of proprietary technology and the unique experiences of our people.

Under attack?

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