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Axios - Global Hack Appears Aimed at Damage, Not Money

As Bret Padres, a former intel official and CEO of The Crypsis Group tells Axios, “a just as plausible explanation is that this is a coding error” that makes it look like a wiper and not a simple ransomware hack.

Published: 06/30/17

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Axios - The Growing Threat of Ransomware Attacks

The ransom requested for access to an infected computer is $300 in bitcoin, and “doesn’t seem consistent with state-sponsored attackers,” Bret Padres, a former intel official and CEO of The Crypsis Group, tells Axios, although he would not rule out a state-sponsored attack.

Published: 06/28/17

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CBS Evening News - Putin insists Russian government not involved in U.S. election hacking

“He’s trying to create some plausible deniability,” Padres said. “I think he might be concerned about some evidence that will be disclosed and he sort of wants to distance himself from those that might have been involved.”

Published: 06/01/17

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The New York Times - How to Protect Yourself From Ransomware Attacks

Information technology professionals should also regularly educate and test employees on spotting suspicious emails, said Matt Ahrens, vice president of Crypsis, a cybersecurity firm.

Published: 05/15/17

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