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Threat Assessments / Use Case

You want an extensive review of your entire security posture and education around the types of risks to your business. Whether an industry requirement or not, you know a third party assessment is the only way to protect your customers’ data and assure your clients as well as investors that you’re running your business with security front of mind.

Crypsis consultants have experience assessing risk and threat levels in some of the world’s most sensitive networks resulting in a unique level of insight to your assessment. We conduct a thorough assessment by executing penetration tests specific to client requirements on an agreed upon schedule yielding a detailed report and set of recommendations. We combine our penetration testing expertise with our Security Program Roadmap capabilities to assess the policies and procedures in place. When you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can prioritize improvements in a way that makes sense. Crypsis consultants have the same certifications and often-deeper experience than the large IT consultancies. We deliver results that can be trusted at a cost that makes sense with your security spending.

  • Subject

    A national restaurant chain

  • Situation

    CIO wants an objective assessment from a qualified third party

  • Action

    Identify the company’s crown jewels; Identify vulnerabilities and threats;Assess policies and procedures for cyber security and physical security; Review disaster recovery plan; Recommend controls and processes

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