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Operational Threat Intelligence / Use Case

You don’t want threat intelligence for its own sake. You want intelligence-driven security, and in order to deploy it, you need visibility, analysis, and action. But making that happen requires a deep understanding of current threat techniques, tactics, and procedures, as well as best practices, policy implementation, and next steps.

Crypsis examines your network down to the packet level to identify the most hidden clues to the threats you face. We learn the normal state of your environment so we can search for anomalies that can indicate malicious activity. And we act quickly, typically mitigating any threats within 48 hours. Intelligence-driven security is the most up-to-date evolution in security practice, and Crypsis is committed to delivering its benefits for your business.

  • Subject

    A midsized credit union

  • Situation

    The organization recently purchased a considerable amount of technology and now has an overload of data that it doesn’t know how to use

  • Action

    Learn the environment and what technologies are available; Deploy SensorSight and integrate into the organization’s relevant technologies, including SIEM/log management solutions such as Splunk to provide meaningful data displayed in Splunk dashboards and reporting; Streamline the large amounts of data into concise information to provide the organization with operational intelligence and oversight into the organization

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