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Security Program Roadmap / Use Case

You know you need security, but you aren’t sure where to start. Why would you be? You’re not a security expert. But something has to be done before it’s too late. You need advice from an independent expert who will do more than simply recommend his own company’s products.

Crypsis can help. We learn about your needs and develop a program that protects your assets and your budget. By using a variety of tools, we establish a baseline and determine your overall risk. Through our SensorSight platform and customized tool suite, Crypsis validates concerns about data theft and compromises based on known indicators of compromise. You get a customized security program that makes sense for your business now and in the future.

  • Subject

    An M&A consultancy

  • Situation

    Minor threat activity has occurred, raising the question of overall security practices

  • Action

    Provides a baseline and status report of the networks; Provide the playbook documenting policies, procedures, tools, team, and technologies required to ensure a best-in-class security program for the security program that is most appropriate based on industry requirements; Provide the data that is most important to the organization

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