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SOC/CIRT Optimization / Use Case

You’re confident that your security is pretty advanced because you’re running your own SOC. But are you sure your SOC/CIRT practices are returning the best security, value, and efficiency?

Crypsis can help you root out weaknesses and missed opportunities. Then we help you streamline your processes, strengthen your operations, and apply the best practices we’ve learned in working with the nation’s most targeted and well-defended organizations. We get your SOC/CIRT optimized to the point where advanced security is taking place. The Return on Investment (ROI) is clear and your investment is justified.

  • Subject

    A franchise headquarters

  • Situation

    The CTO isn’t sure the company’s six-month old SOC is delivering the best security. The CTO also made multiple heavy technology investments and wants to ensure all are being leveraged to their full potential in order to justify the investments.

  • Action

    Review the current SOC/CIRT operations to ensure that they operate following the industry guidelines for SOC operations (ITIL, ISO, etc.) and metrics based reporting; Ensure that the SOC/CIRT has defined and repeatable processes and policies that are well documented; Document and identify the functional areas of SOC/CIRT operations that are deficient and provide mitigations and areas for improvement; Review SOC/CIRT reporting and threat management to ensure the SOC/CIRT is providing the best network defensive postures for the organization

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