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Incident Response

Risk Management

Digital Investigations

Incident Response

Do you suspect your network is under attack?

Baseline Approach:

IDENTIFY– Locate the initial point of compromise, determine the scope and severity of the breach, and determine the potential business impact and risk.

CONTAIN– Restrict the threat actor’s ability to operate in the environment, minimize further damage to the organization, and to develop a custom containment strategy that recognizes operational requirements.

ERADICATE– Eliminate the threat actor from the environment and improve the organization’s security posture to mitigate the impact of future breaches.

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Risk Management

Think Outside the Breach

Baseline Approach:

DEFINE– Establish security objectives and develop a roadmap to create and strengthen controls that will achieve them.

DISCOVER– Gather and operationalize intelligence about the network to use as a basis for making the most informed decisions.

PREPARE– Develop an actionable plan and process to manage risks and address threats with an eye toward prevention and impact mitigation.

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Digital Investigations

Are you looking for evidence?

Baseline Approach:

LOCATE– Crypsis experts go deep to get an understanding of your environment in order to be efficient in the identification and preservation of relevant data. We scour network logs and identify the systems of interest to target for preservation of data.

ANALYZE– We use industry standard tools along with time saving proprietary technologies to peel back the evidence layers to understand what happened with the data.

INVESTIGATE– We have advised legal teams on some of the highest profile digital investigations in recent times, and our investigations hold up in court.

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We are a group of highly experienced security experts focused on educating and helping the potential targets and victims of cyber attacks.


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