The Crypsis Culture

We’re entrepreneurial, personal, and (of course) highly technical. If you want to be the best, we believe you need to work alongside the best. We’re focused on relationships, not quotas; instead of having to get up to speed with each new client, you’ll work on helping clients you know improve their security posture over time. Be part of a team that’s building something special.



Cybersecurity Job Benefits at Crypsis

For some people, learning is a way of life and a way of work. If that describes you, you belong at Crypsis. At Crypsis, your skills are our core business. We recognize your value, and we help you increase it with certifications, training, and knowledge transfer from some of the most skilled security professionals in our industry.

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Join Our Team

You’re passionate about security. We’re passionate about security. Let’s build something together. Crypsis culture is suited to the unique people who work here.

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