Cyber Fraud: Think like a Hacker

November 12, 2020

Attend the Puerto Rico CPA Society IX Cyber Forum virtually. Panelists of this session will offer the perspective of a hacker in order to place risk managers in their position, prepare them, and increase awareness of all related risks and mitigation strategies. 

In this virtual session, you will:
  • Learn to think like a Hacker – Black or White Hat
  • Learn from C-Suite victims' testimonials the results and lessons on "Never thought it would happen to me"
  • Find out the total cost of fraud
  • Learn about the experience in cyber liability claims and related class action litigation in Puerto Rico
  • Receive an update on international Privacy Law

Crypsis Speaker: Art Ehuan, VP
Topic: Cyber Fraud: Think like a Hacker
Date: 11/12/2020
Time: 8:00 am et