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Next-generation Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platform

What Is Hadron?

Hadron is a next-generation Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platform that provides unparalleled insight into ongoing and historical data breach activities. Hadron enables incident responders to collect and analyze the data most relevant to today's attacks in modern environments. Using a combination of real-time monitoring and forensic artifacts, Hadron provides a level of visibility to investigators that is unmatched.

Hadron Endpoint Detection

How Does It Work?

Within seconds of deploying Hadron, incident responders receive forensic artifacts from each of the endpoints that identify what was executed, what files were accessed, and the current state of the system. This endpoint data is then enriched using threat intelligence gathered and curated by The Crypsis Group’s incident responders so that investigators can focus on only the most relevant data that will accelerate their breach response. Many of the current EDR platforms focus on monitoring and detection but fail to capture crucial forensic evidence related to historic malicious activity. Hadron takes a holistic view of the endpoint which includes both monitoring and forensic examination to ensure that an investigator fully understands the scope of a breach.

How Do We Use Hadron To Fight Cybercrime?

Crypsis utilizes Hadron throughout its entire catalog of data breach services including ransomware infections, web server compromises, insider threat investigations, and business email compromises. The power and flexibility offered by Hadron allows our incident responders to detect and analyze data breaches in a variety of contexts. Its multiplatform support (Windows, Mac, and Linux) means that investigations need not be limited by the host environment or the nature of the data breach.

How Do We Use Hadron To Fight Cybercrime

How Does It Improve Our Investigations?

Hadron dramatically reduces the time it takes to identify “patient zero.” Investigations are often fraught with delays. Whether it is the time needed to identify impacted systems, create a forensic image, or send the collected evidence to the investigators for analysis, time frames range from hours to days before an incident responder receives the necessary data to begin their analysis. Hadron reduces this time to seconds. Once the agent has been installed, a Crypsis incident responder can start analyzing actionable, threat intelligence enriched data within seconds. This allows Crypsis to quickly and accurately determine the scope and impact of a data breach.

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