Working for One of America’s Best Startup Employers, 2020

Author: anne.mroczynski March 30, 2020

Crypsis employees working around a conference table at one of America's best startups

If you asked a younger me if I was a start-up gal or a big company gal, I’m pretty sure I would have opted big company. There’s a certain feeling of security that comes from being part of an organization that’s been around for 75-plus years (or even 20). And, it’s pretty easy to get accustomed to the bells and whistles that come from working in those environments.

When I joined my first start-up more than a decade ago, I naively had no idea what I was getting into. I was new to both cybersecurity and start-ups. What I learned in that experience was that in a fledgling company, if you want something done, you figure out how to do it—occasionally by yourself, but more often by partnering with and relying on your work family. Folks who were also brave enough to jump into the challenge of building a new company. 

When I joined The Crypsis Group in 2016, I was no longer new to cybersecurity but, at nine employees, the company was the smallest I’d been a part of. The most start-up of start-ups (if you will), that I’d ever joined. That brought with it the same challenges that most new companies experience: Will people trust a company with no reputation to help them tackle their cybersecurity breach or other issues?  How will we find clients? How can we make sure people get paid? Important stuff. But, it also brought the opportunity I’ve grown to love: building an organization from the ground up. Forging new relationships. Finding a way to make a positive impact. 

Now, nearly four years later, Crypsis has evolved from a nascent cyber start-up to a team of nearly 150 (and growing) across the United States. And, earlier this month, we were recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Startup Employers in 2020. We were ranked number 78 overall based on their analysis of over seven million data points in the areas of employee satisfaction, employer reputation, and company growth.

I’m so immensely proud of our Crypsis team in achieving this recognition. We have collectively built a reputation as a leader in the cybersecurity consulting space and grown our company from being my tiniest start-up to a trusted advisor to our partners and clients. 

We’re always looking to forge new relationships and continue building our team. Consider joining us.

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