Job Searching During Tough Times

Author: Courtney Popelka June 22, 2020

Job Searching During Tough Times

In the past few months, our world has turned upside down. For those on the job hunt, this new landscape can be even more confusing. With the millions of layoffs and organizational changes in companies across the country, there is a lot of doubt and anxiety about what the job market will look like. However, despite the unprecedented uncertainty the world is facing, there are still many companies that are actively recruiting with the hopes of finding strong, new talent to join their teams. One of those companies is (you guessed it) Crypsis! To help revamp your search, our Crypsis recruiting team has some tips on how to make your job search work for you and demonstrate that you are a stellar candidate. 

Take the opportunity to stand out within the job search.

Be strategic and put some thought and intention into your search. Recruiters love to see well-informed candidates who have conducted in-depth research on the company. Are you creative? We’ve even seen a candidate format their resume to be Crypsis colors!

Heighten your skill set.

Take free classes and training available within your field. Demonstrating your passion for the field by attending conferences, following blogs, and keeping up with current industry trends can not only help you develop new skills, but also catch the attention of potential employers.

Revamp your resume.

Polish up your resume to highlight your most relevant achievements to the position you are applying for. While this can be time consuming, this makes your resume short and sweet, while also being position-specific to help you stand out from a river of generic resumes. Grammar, spelling, and format consistency are all key things that recruiters look for no matter the position.

Expand your LinkedIn network.

Don’t hesitate to hit “connect”! Nearly all Crypsis hires in 2019 and 2020 came from current employees’ networks, connections, and referrals. Reach out to individuals for an introduction, an informational interview, or just to say hi. These connections are essential.

Connect with us now.

Find the right position for you.

This pandemic can provide an unparalleled glance into companies, especially their culture. Identify cultural areas that are important to you, like remote work or flexible hours. Are the companies you are researching now supporting their employees in unique ways? It is also important to identify if the company is conducting layoffs or on a hiring freeze. Even outside of a pandemic, these details will shape your experience with an organization! Companies like Glassdoor make exploring company culture even easier. One cultural area of importance for us at Crypsis is transparency, which is why we’ve recently been recognized with OpenCompany status on Glassdoor. We are always looking for ways to improve our organization through employee and candidate feedback.

But most importantly, stay positive! Your invaluable skills will likely find a home soon. If you think that you and Crypsis could be a match, check out our open positions here.

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