What We're Reading for May 2018

Author: Whitney Parker Mitchell May 17, 2018

Meanwhile, Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report is available.  In addition to updated stats on where and how security incidents are happening, the report indicates that the security processes and technologies put in place are proving their value. The challenge is that now there is so much malware being distributed by threat actors that most organizations still need to assume they have been hacked. Read the report’s executive summary.

On that same thread, an article in CSO magazine sponsored by Fortinet, The Critical Need for Threat Intelligence, urges that organizations take a wider focus of threat intel, beyond simply blocking known threats.  It argues for more focus on building protections and defenses for attacks that are already moving laterally across your network because they have previously managed to get past the first line of defense – which many will.  Read the article.

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