Crypsis in the News

September 24,2019
At IAPP Conference in Las Vegas, Crypsis VP to Lead Panel Offering Practical Solutions for Achieving Reasonable Security

[McLean, VA – 19 September 2019] Crypsis Group vice president Sam Rubin will moderate a panel discussion on how the law and the courts view...

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July 01,2019
Crypsis Appoints Leading Cyber Crime Investigator as Vice President

The Crypsis Group, which specializes in delivering cyber security incident response, risk management, and digital forensics services to companies...

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June 21,2019
How the City of Stuart avoided a massive payout when its system was hacked

However, Crypsis, the company that is helping the city through the hack, says most of its clients aren’t so lucky.

It’s unfortunate that many times...

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February 26,2019
Expanding its Cyber Security Consulting Strength, Crypsis Grows its New York and Austin Locations

McLean, VA  - In response to accelerating demand for its cyber security services, The Crypsis Group announced today that it is expanding its...

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February 05,2019
How to Safeguard Your Tech, and Your Money, While Traveling

Before leaving on a trip, Sam Rubin, a vice president of the Crypsis Group, a cybersecurity consulting firm, advises all travelers, regardless of...

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January 31,2019
The Crypsis Group Hires Accomplished Technology Sales Executive to Accelerate Revenues

Committed to further growth, cyber security company appoints Mark Cravotta as its Chief Revenue Officer

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November 29,2018
The Crypsis Group Strengthens its Cyber Investigations Team with Key Hire

MCLEAN, VA – As cyber attacks on government and private sector networks continue to expand and evolve, The Crypsis Group announced today that it has...

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November 29,2018
Iranians Accused in Cyberattacks, Including One That Hobbled Atlanta

The group was also known for meticulously encrypting its victims’ data, manually from file to file; changing file names to “I’m sorry”; demanding...

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Press Releases

August 28,2019
The Crypsis Group Named a Top 10 Digital Forensics Company

For many enterprises, keeping up with today’s threat landscape can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Network intrusions and major data...

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July 25,2019
Six Tips to Make Web Compromises Hurt a Little Less

~ by Michael Bailey

Web application compromises can be incredibly disruptive, as well as incredibly common. There are multiple remediation...

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March 27,2019
Of Note @ Crypsis ... Mark Cravotta

Mark Cravotta, a proven technology industry leader with a background in wrapping managed services around security solutions, has joined The...

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February 15,2019
Keeping AWS Safe in an Unsafe World
~ by Michael Bailey


As more businesses transition to the cloud, administrators find themselves in a position where they have to...

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