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Crypsis Expands Cyber Risk and Resilience Management Practice

Oct 28, 2019 11:15:00 AM

Crypsis’ newly expanded Cyber Risk and Resilience Management practice will focus on reducing risk exposure and mitigating cyber threats before they become critical breaches.

 McLean, Va. (October 28, 2019) The Crypsis Group, a leading incident response, risk management and digital forensics firm, announced today that it has consolidated its risk management capabilities and expertise into a newly expanded Cyber Risk and Resilience Management (CRRM) practice. The enhanced service will focus on helping clients reduce their risk exposure by identifying and mitigating cyber threats before they become critical breaches that have a significant technical, financial, societal and political impact.

“We are facing a time when enterprises and governments are experiencing increasingly sophisticated threats from computer hackers, ransomware perpetrators and other online criminals,” said Bret Padres, chief executive officer of The Crypsis Group. “The expansion of our Cyber Risk and Resilience Management practice is just one way our team has shown tremendous dedication to educating our clients and arming them with resources to avoid and address cyber threats.”

Going forward, Crypsis’ CRRM practice will focus on providing risk assessments that establish a client’s current state of cybersecurity and specific recommendations for improvement. In addition, services will include testing to identify vulnerabilities that could be used by internal or external threat actors to cause harm or inflict damage to information and systems. Crypsis risk management consultants will advise clients on building or enhancing their cybersecurity program, developing a cybersecurity strategy and roadmap, establishing cybersecurity policies and procedures – and, if needed, provide them with a virtual Chief Information Security Officer to manage these and other activities. 

Art Ehuan, a highly regarded cybersecurity practitioner with a criminal investigations background, joined Crypsis to lead the CRRM practice as vice president in July 2019. Previously, Ehuan served as managing director of the global cyber risk services practice with consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal, where he led cyber risk and protection strategies for both U.S. and international clients. As a frequent contributor who provides expert testimony in federal military and state courts on digital forensics and cybercrime matters, Ehuan has widespread domestic and international experience working with law enforcement on developing and implementing cybersecurity investigative practices.

“Our team’s mission is to bring about a safer online world for Crypsis clients by helping them take all the necessary steps to protect their digital assets – including proprietary corporate data, personally identifiable information and intellectual property – from cybercriminals and insider threats,” said Ehuan.    

Joining Ehuan in managing the CRRM practice are directors Shawn Fleury and Adriel Ginsburg, both of whom also served in senior positions at Alvarez & Marsal and have a combined 30 years of experience designing and executing information security programs for enterprises ranging from the U.S. military to high-tech startups and Fortune 500 companies.

“Led by experts who are among the industry’s most talented and experienced cyber risk management consultants, our newly expanded CRRM practice makes us the partner of choice for any organization that wants to be more proactive in identifying, assessing and controlling threats to their digital assets and their reputation,” said Padres.

About The Crypsis Group

Crypsis was built on a shared vision of creating a more secure digital world by providing the highest-quality incident response, risk management and digital forensic services to over 1,700 organizations globally. Named one of the Top 10 Digital Forensics Services Companies of 2019 by Enterprise Security Magazine, The Crypsis Group helps clients defend against and respond to cybersecurity threats through their cybersecurity expertise, global response capabilities and continual innovation. The company has offices in Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Austin and Los Angeles.

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