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The Crypsis Group Announces the Formation of Crypsis Threat Research Labs to Analyze and Share Threat Data with the Public

Mar 18, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Team issues first “Flash Alert” blog on new PwndLocker ransomware variant

McLEAN, Va. – March 18, 2020 - The Crypsis Group, a leading incident response, risk management and digital forensics firm, today announced the formation of the Crypsis Threat Research Labs (CTRL), a team dedicated to analyzing emerging cybersecurity threats and trends with the goal of making their research publicly available to help improve organizational security. The team will leverage innovative tools developed by Crypsis’s development team as well as the considerable stores of threat intelligence data gleaned from thousands of the company’s historic and current investigations to analyze the changing threat landscape.

CTRL will be led by directors Tony Cook and Jared Greenhill; and while it includes full-time dedicated staff members, Crypsis’s highly technical, innovative professional services staff will also contribute their expertise to CTRL projects. The team will produce research reports, blogs, “Flash Alerts” (which will provide analysis of newly discovered security risks or malware types), white papers and open-sourced tools.

CTRL has issued their first public release: a Flash Alert on PwndLocker, a new variant of ransomware developed entirely as shellcode:

Resource: FLASH ALERT: New Ransomware Variant—PwndLocker 

“The CTRL team helps our clients by advancing the overall state of cybersecurity and staying on top of threats as they emerge,” said Bret Padres, Crypsis’s CEO. “We have considerable data from years of investigations and the advanced tools to assess and evaluate the meaning of that data from a macro view. This information will help not only our clients, but organizations in general react more quickly to new threats and respond proactively to emerging trends.”

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