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Business Email Compromise

Fraudulent wire transfer requests. Spam or phishing emails sent from your domain. Missing or deleted emails. These are all signs of unauthorized access to your email systems, aka Business Email Compromise (BEC).

While no doubt convenient for IT administrators, migration to cloud-based email solutions like Office365 has also been a boon for cybercriminals. Never before have more organizations had email accounts directly accessible from the Internet. And without multi-factor authentication in place, stolen credentials can lead to a breach with full access by the attackers.

Crypsis Business Email Compromise Incident Response

If you suspect your company is a victim of Business Email Compromise, we can help:

  • Contain the email intrusion incident and recommend additional safeguards
  • Identify the window of compromise
  • Investigate attacker activity in the email account
  • Determine if additional email accounts have been breached
  • Review data accessed by the attacker to quantify sensitive information, with Crypsis Illuminator

BEC attacks are growing year over year. View our 2020 Incident Response and Data Breach Report to learn the latest risks and Crypsis Pro Tips to help you devise a mitigation strategy.

Why Crypsis?

When responding to business email compromise, Crypsis offers:

Relevant Experience.

From Gmail to O365 - one mailbox to thousands, Crypsis experts have responded to over 1,000 business email compromise incidents. We understand threat actor tactics and deploy countermeasures designed for speed and effectiveness.


We deploy in minutes, not days to help our clients respond to business email compromise.

Powerful, Proprietary Technology.

Using our suite of advanced technology and proprietary collection and analysis tools, we respond to business email compromise attacks at enterprise scale in minutes, saving you money and getting you back to business faster.

Learn more now about the benefits of working with Crypsis.

Data Breach Business Email Compromise Response Services

Learn More About Crypsis Data Breach Response Services

The Crypsis Group offers targeted response solutions designed to help organizations minimize the impact of an incident. Trust our experts to help your team get back to work quickly, and prevent future threats. Learn more about our incident response services now, or contact us directly to see how we can help.

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