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Investigate Cyber Harassment

You or your employees are being harassed online. A threat actor is using the anonymity of the Internet, fake social media profiles, or online accounts to threaten, harass, defame, or even extort.

Who is behind these online threats? What can be done?

Crypsis works with our clients to gather and examine evidence, support a civil action, or law enforcement referral. In connection with investigations of cyber harassment we:

  • Collect and investigate threat actor communications or public social media profiles
  • Engage in online communications with the threat actor
  • Work with counsel to craft subpoena requests and to review responses
  • Prepare law enforcement referral packages

Why Crypsis?

When responding to cyber harassment, Crypsis is the right choice for your needs, offering:

Relevant Experience.

From anonymous emails, to doxxing, and misinformation campaigns, Crypsis teams have helped organizations respond to numerous cyber harassment matters. We draw on deep cyber harassment experience to help you get answers.

Customized Solutions.

Getting answers often entails creative tactics. Our team will evaluate your unique situation and offer solutions based on open source intelligence, your organization's own data, or even interactions with the threat actor.

Rapid Response.

Crypsis understands the impact and importance of finding answers fast.

Digital Investigation Investigate Cyber Harassment Investigate Cyber Harassment

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Crypsis combines deep security knowledge, digital forensics expertise, and experience to help our clients find, recover, and interpret digital artifacts. Learn more about our digital investigation services, or contact us directly to see how we can help.

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