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Protecting an organization’s critical information and data systems has become increasingly complex with the number of cyber threat vectors increasing at an incredible pace. Are your systems appropriately hardened against these evolving threats? Are you ready to respond to a breach? And are your people cyber-aware enough not to click on the next phishing attack?

Testing your people, processes, and technologies is a critical part of maturing your overall information security program. Crypsis offers targeted assessments and technical cybersecurity services to test and evaluate cybersecurity posture and overall cyber resilience.

Crypsis Technical Cybersecurity Assessment & Testing services provide your organization with a means to verify that security controls are performing optimally and efficiently. We offer the following cyber security testing and assessments:

Penetration Testing

Simulate a real-world attack to assess the strength of your countermeasures and identify hidden vulnerabilities. We work with you to define a scope and establish goals, and then identify attack paths and exploit chains a threat actor would likely leverage to gain access to your sensitive data or critical business applications.

Web Application Testing

Evaluate your web applications for vulnerabilities, including flaws in development, configuration, deployment, upgrade process, maintenance or third party add-ons.

Red Team Exercises

Test the effectiveness of your security defenses by responding to emulated attacks. The Crypsis Red Team uses threat actor tactics, techniques and procedures in a continuous and adaptive manner to target your environment. The Red Team assessment creates a live-fire test for your incident responders and their playbooks for handling active, persistent attackers.

Targeted Security Assessments

Perform a targeted assessment and deep dive review of the security configuration specific to critical business services, including Office365, Microsoft Azure, G Suite, or Google Cloud. We assess your current configurations against multiple hardening standards and industry best practices. Following the assessment, Crypsis can implement recommended enhancements.

Phishing Exercises

The majority of cyber attacks begin with phishing emails. Test and improve your employees’ cybersecurity awareness and reduce your susceptibility to this common but dangerous attack vector.

Mobile Application Testing

Test and improve the security of your mobile application. We enumerate the attack surface, looking for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or logic flaws that lead to your most likely paths of compromise.

Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

Simulate your response to a severe data security incident with key stakeholders. We build customized scenarios based on your industry-specific threats, and real world breaches the Crypsis team has responded to.

Why Crypsis?

The Crypsis team will work with you to evaluate your ability to respond to a security intrusion and identify measures you can take to improve your readiness.

Operational Expertise.

We are operational security experts. We understand how to effectively improve an organization’s security posture without compromising the functional needs of the business.

Strategic Focus.

We deliver security solutions that are time, cost, and impact effective. We can work within your budget to find the right cyber security management solution.

Focused on Real-World Threats.

Our solutions are informed by our unparalleled experience. We focus our assessments and recommendations on the attack vectors we see impacting organizations day in and day out.

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