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Prepare for a Data Breach

Is your organization ready for a data breach? When you get hit with a severe cybersecurity incident - will you be prepared? How you respond - how prepared your team, your process, and your detective controls are - will dictate how quickly you recover.

Crypsis leverages its unparalleled expertise in data breach incident response to help organizations prepare for a data breach.

Data Breach Prevention Services

Data breach Incident Response Retainer

Extend your capabilities by putting the world-class Crypsis Incident Response team on speed dial. We offer SLA-based response times for remote and on-site response to investigate, contain, and recover from severe data breach incidents.

Data Breach Readiness Review

Perform a targeted cybersecurity risk assessment focused on detective controls and the people, processes, and technologies necessary to effectively respond to cyber threats. We offer remediation recommendations, control enhancements, and a strategic roadmap to achieve a Target State of Breach Readiness.

Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

Simulate your response to a severe data security incident with key stakeholders. We build customized scenarios based on your industry-specific threats, and real-world breaches the Crypsis team has responded to.

Red Team Exercises

Test the effectiveness of your security defenses by responding to emulated attacks. The Crypsis Red Team uses threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures in a continuous and adaptive manner to target your environment. The Red Team assessment creates a live-fire test for your incident responders and their playbooks for handling active, persistent attackers.

Download a free copy of our 2020 Incident Response and Data Breach Report to learn the latest risks by industry and Crypsis Pro Tips to mitigate data breach exposure.

Why Crypsis?

Focused on Real-World Threats.

Our solutions are informed by our unparalleled experience. We focus our assessments and recommendations on the attack vectors we see impacting organizations day in and day out.

Consultative Approach.

We work with you to recommend enhancements that represent, based on an understanding of your environment and our experience, the best return on investment in terms of cyber-risk reduction. We deliver these solutions on time and on budget.

An End-to-End Solution.

Identifying vulnerabilities is only the start. We believe the true value in a risk assessment is in how findings drive change to mitigate cyber risk. We offer prioritized remediation measures based on our findings and consult with our clients to ensure gaps are closed and risks are managed.

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