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Recover Lost Data

In situations where mission-critical information and computer files have been deleted or lost, Crypsis can help. Deleted files are not lost until they are overwritten with new information. Files may be recoverable. A crashed application server or hard drive may still have its data intact.

Crypsis Data Recovery Services can help regain access to:

  • Deleted or lost files from hard drives, external hard drives, and other digital media
  • Deleted chat and text messages from mobile devices
  • Lost or deleted enterprise application data, such as email and database records

As needed in support of litigation or other disputes, we can quantify the timing, extent, frequency and other metadata surrounding this deletion activity.

Why Crypsis?

Crypsis is uniquely positioned to help your organization recover lost data:

Digital Forensic Expertise.

From parsing file system metadata, to file carving, and software reverse engineering, Crypsis has the experience to recover your data.

Creative Problem Solving.

Working with your end goals in mind, we approach each matter as its own unique challenge. This often means finding solutions where off the rack options fail.

The Best Tools.

Crypsis works with a powerful suite of industry-leading commercial and proprietary software applications. We often apply multiple tools to ensure you get the best possible results.

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Crypsis combines deep security knowledge, digital forensics expertise, and experience to help our clients find, recover, and interpret digital artifacts. Learn more about our digital investigation services, or contact us directly to see how we can help.

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