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Assess The Authenticity of Questioned Data

When the authenticity of a key electronic document is in dispute, digital forensic analysis can help reveal the truth.

Authorship of an authentic document will leave contemporaneous artifacts of its creation, including temporary files, timestamps, and other metadata. Conversely, a fabricated electronic document often contains indicia of that forgery -- if you know where to look.

Crypsis has uncovered fabricated emails, altered contracts, and fake wire transfer statements. In other matters, we have established the authenticity of challenged documents. Our expert findings are designed to be presented in court and relied upon by triers of fact.

Why Crypsis?

When you need to assess the authenticity of digital data Crypsis offers:

Unparalleled Experience.

Crypsis experts have testified regarding the authenticity (or lack thereof) of questioned digital evidence in high profile civil and criminal proceedings. Triers of fact have relied upon our work in their rulings.

Unassailable Opinions.

Questioned digital document examination is by its nature contentious. Crypsis’ findings are rooted in fact and designed to withstand opposing party scrutiny.

Creative Problem Solving.

Working with your goals in mind, we approach each matter as its own unique challenge. This often means identifying alternative evidence sources, and unique approaches not otherwise considered. It always means you get the best possible outcome.

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Crypsis combines deep security knowledge, digital forensics expertise, and experience to help our clients find, recover, and interpret digital artifacts. Learn more about our digital investigation services, or contact us directly to see how we can help.

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