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When disputes involving cybersecurity end up in court, Crypsis works with counsel to review digital evidence and discovery. Serving as affirmative or rebuttal expert witnesses, we offer expert opinions to the trier of fact in reports, declarations, deposition, and open court testimony.

Our nationally recognized expert witnesses are accomplished authors, educators, and speakers on digital forensics, data breach incident response, and information security best practices.

Expert witness cases have included:

  • Nationwide data breach class action litigation
  • High profile theft of trade secret matters
  • Matters involving the alleged forgery or alteration of electronic documents
  • Disputes over the efficacy of information security safeguards and data breach incident response

In all matters, our opinions are measured against industry best practice, rooted in fact, and designed to withstand opposing party scrutiny.

Why Crypsis?

Crypsis offers:

Unparalleled Experience.

Triers of fact rely on Crypsis expert opinions to reach their verdicts. Our experts have testified in numerous high profile proceedings, including national data breach class actions and landmark trade secret litigation.

Unassailable Opinions.

We expect our opinions to be challenged. That’s why we incorporate quality control and internal peer review into all of our findings.

The Right Expertise.

Our experts are certified digital forensic examiners, security engineers, malware reversers, and career information security professionals. We consult with our clients to match the right expert to the case.

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Crypsis combines deep security knowledge, digital forensics expertise, and experience to help our clients find, recover, and interpret digital artifacts. Learn more about our digital investigation services, or contact us directly to see how we can help.

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