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Information Security Program Development

As organizations evolve, people, applications, and hardware come and go. Operational roles and business processes are created and changed, and new technologies are added to meet the need. Vendors are integrated with varying degrees of success.

  • Has your information security program kept pace?
  • Have rapid growth, new technology, or emerging threats diminished the effectiveness of your current safeguards?
  • What gaps exist because of all this change?

If you’re asking these questions, Crypsis can help.

Our technical services and advisory-based solutions help your organization build and mature its information security program.

Information Security Program Development Services

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

A Crypsis vCISO will assist your organization with developing and implementing a cybersecurity strategy, identifying risk, and provide recommendations for risk reduction measures. A vCISO can answer Board of Directors or Management questions like, “is the cybersecurity profile of the company equal to or better than similar-sized companies” or “are appropriate resources being used to protect corporate information from malicious activity” and others.

Targeted Information Security Assessments

Perform a targeted assessment and deep-dive review of the security configuration specific to critical business services, including Office365, Microsoft Azure, G Suite, or Google Cloud. We assess your current configurations against multiple hardening standards and industry best practices. Following the assessment, Crypsis can implement recommended enhancements.

Staff Augmentation and Interim Roles

Add Crypsis technical experts where you need them when you need them. We help with projects ranging from overall security architecture design to systems and application hardening and implementation and tuning of new technical controls.

Cyber Risk Strategy and Mitigation Roadmaps

Develop customized strategic plans that lay out a path, timeline, and budget to achieve your organization's cyber resilience goals.

Cyber Program, Policy, and Standard Development and Maturation

Develop or improve customized policies and standards that are right for your organization. We consider industry-specific standards, your objectives, and future goals.

Cybersecurity Training and Awareness

Train your staff to be cyber-aware. The best controls in the world can still fail if your people do not have the proper training and awareness of threats. We provide remote or on-site training modules for groups ranging from 5 to 5,000+.

Discreet Cyber Project Implementation

Obtain expert assistance with the architecture, implementation, and tuning of a critical cybersecurity project. From hardening critical business applications, like enterprise email, to implementing next-gen detective controls, our experts can ensure your project is a success.

Cyber Threat Modeling

Identify and prioritize your threats. Identify likely attack vectors and the information assets most likely to be targeted by a threat actor.

Why Crypsis?

The Right Experience.

Crypsis consultants have developed and implemented cybersecurity programs across the United States and internationally. We have extensive corporate experience as cybersecurity leaders for firms such as USAA, Dell, Northrop Grumman, Cisco Systems, and FIS, and some have experience as cyber-crime special agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Defense, and other government agencies. In all, Crypsis professionals have conducted thousands of cyber risk evaluations and have assisted corporations in protecting their valuable information from insider and outsider threats.

Best Practice Guidance & Solutions.

Leveraging the experience gained from our experts’ proficiency, and utilizing field-tested assessment methodologies, Crypsis can help your organization understand its cyber risk exposure and provide solutions that are tailored to its needs.

Your Trusted Cybersecurity Advisor.

Cybersecurity expertise is necessary, but alone not sufficient. Crypsis looks to build long term, trust-based relationships with our clients. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of talking with our clients and not at them. Beyond that, it’s about building trust and confidence that an attack will be stopped and threats will be managed – and then delivering on the promise. We are here when you need us, offering unbiased advice and expert solutions - always based on your best interests.

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The Crypsis Group can help your organization mitigate cyber risks and mature your information security program. Learn more about our cyber resilience and risk management services now, or contact us directly to see how we can help.

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