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Nation-State Attacks

The attack starts when your perimeter is compromised through unpatched vulnerabilities, improper remote access controls, phishing, or malware downloads. Next, privileged accounts are hijacked and the attackers move laterally through your network and improve their foothold on your systems. Soon, its down to the business of being a cybercriminal - whether its data theft, destruction, or other mission objectives.

Stopping these advanced persistent cybersecurity threats takes deep knowledge of attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), tactical experience, and the right tools to respond quickly at enterprise scale. Crypsis can help you contain, investigate, and respond quickly to a suspected APT attack.

Crypsis Nation-State Attack Incident Response

If you suspect your organization is the target of an advanced persistent threat attack, Crypsis can help:

  • Contain the incident through recommending and implementing immediate safeguards
  • Investigate to determine the initial point of access, extent of unauthorized activity, and determine what, if any, data was accessed or stolen
  • Analyze and reverse engineer malware samples
  • Provide ongoing monitoring to identify and shut down further attacks

Why Crypsis?

When you need a trusted partner to help respond to a suspected APT attack with tactical experience at enterprise scale, Crypsis can help. We offer:

We’re Data Breach Response Experts.

Our teams have responded to some of the largest network intrusions in history, including numerous persistent attacks by nation state threat actors. We combine this deep experience with the latest aggregated threat intel to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Tactical Focus.

Whether its five endpoints or 50,000, our solutions are designed for rapid deployment at enterprise scale. We leave a light footprint, focusing only on what we need to get you answers, fast.

Powerful, Proprietary Technology.

Our incident response solutions are powered by our advanced endpoint detection and response technology. Our platform enables our teams to investigate deeper, contain faster, and get you back to business sooner.

Data Breach Response Nation State Attack Response Services

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The Crypsis Group offers targeted response solutions designed to help organizations minimize the impact of an incident. Trust our experts to help your team get back to work quickly, and prevent future threats. Learn more about our data breach response services now, or contact us directly to see how we can help.

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