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Identify Threats and Vulnerabilities

You can’t secure what you can’t see. Organizations rely on Crypsis to identify security vulnerabilities before the threat actors do. We offer technical services to assess network components, endpoints, and applications to find unpatched, misconfigured, vulnerable, or otherwise uncontrolled gaps susceptible to exploitation by a threat actor.

Our Technical Vulnerability Identification Services include:

Penetration Testing

Simulate a real-world cyber-attack to assess the strength of your countermeasures and identify hidden security vulnerabilities. We define a scope and establish goals, and then identify attack paths and exploit chains a threat actor would likely leverage to gain access to your sensitive data or critical business applications.

Vulnerability Assessments

Conduct a technical assessment designed to yield as many vulnerabilities as possible in your environment, along with the severity and recommended remediation priority.

Compromise Assessments

Based upon your organization’s data, logs, and existing telemetry, discover whether there are any indicators of compromise, or threat actors present in the environment.

Web Application Testing

Evaluate your web applications for vulnerabilities, including flaws in development, configuration, deployment, upgrade process, maintenance or third party add-ons.

In all of our technical assessment services, we list the criticality of identified vulnerabilities, the level of risk they pose to your organization and offer prioritized remediation measures.

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Why Crypsis?

Crypsis technical vulnerabilities services offer:

Technical Expertise.

Crypsis professionals are experienced ethical penetration testers, red team members, web stack developers, and information security engineers. Our team members maintain numerous relevant industry certifications, including CEH, GXPN, GPEN, GREM, and CHFI, among others.

Consultative Approach.

We work with you to recommend technical security services that represent, based on an understanding of your environment and our experience, the best return on investment in terms of cyber-risk reduction. We deliver these solutions on time and on budget.

Focused on Real-World Threats.

Crypsis Risk Management solutions are informed by our unparalleled experience in data breach and incident response. We conduct our testing and technical assessments using attack vectors we see impacting organizations day in and day out.

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