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Ransomware Attacks

Your organization has been hit by a ransomware attack. This cyber threat has left files locked, applications down, and your critical business functions crippled. How do you respond to this cyber-extortion? Crypsis is here to help.

Small businesses, municipalities, and Fortune 500s alike have relied on Crypsis to respond to and recover from ransomware attacks ranging from one to thousands of business systems.

Our targeted ransomware response solutions minimize the impact in terms of costs and business interruption, get you operational, and prevent you from getting hit again.

Crypsis Ransomware Attack Incident Response

If your organization has been affected by ransomware, we can help:

  • Contain the incident and stop additional systems from getting infected
  • Provide you with key insights and information to help you decide whether or not to pay ransom to the threat actors 
  • Introduce you to third party payment providers from whom you may obtain cryptocurrency if you decide to make a ransom payment 
  • Assist in acquiring and validating keys for decryption 
  • Reverse engineer attacker-provided decryption utilities to ensure no malicious code exists
  • Investigate to identify the attack vector and malicious activity on your network
  • Develop and implement a plan for system recovery
  • Monitor business systems for reinfection or subsequent attacks

Requested ransom amounts rose nearly 200% last year. Is your data protected? Download a free copy of our 2020 Incident Response and Data Breach Report to learn the latest risks by industry and Crypsis Pro Tips to mitigate data exposure.

Why Crypsis?

Crypsis is uniquely positioned to help your organization respond to a ransomware attack, offering:

Subject Matter Expertise.

Our teams respond to severe ransomware attacks every day. Whether facing Bitpaymer, Dharma, Ryuk, or another variant, we leverage aggregated threat intel and battle-tested methodologies to minimize costs and downtime.

Crypto Liquidity.

If the decision is made to pay the ransom, Crypsis can introduce you to a third party payment provider to procure immediate access to cryptocurrency.


With ransomware, the clock is ticking. We move fast to help our clients contain, investigate, and coordinate the right response to each specific threat.

Powerful, Proprietary Ransomware Response Technology.

Our powerful suite of technology-enabled incident response methodologies and solutions are designed to help clients successfully contain and control ransomware-related threats.

Data Breach Ransomware Attack Response Services

Learn More About Crypsis Data Breach Response Services

The Crypsis Group offers targeted response solutions designed to help organizations minimize the impact of an incident. Trust our experts to help your team get back to work quickly, and prevent future threats. Learn more about our incident response services now, or contact us directly to see how we can help.

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