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Data Exposure & Misconfiguration

Cloud Computing enables on-demand access to powerful computing resources, allowing organizations to build and deploy applications and store data with unprecedented scale and speed.

But with great power comes great responsibility. And all too often, cloud apps can leave sensitive data unintentionally exposed. Identity and Access Management (IAM) misconfiguration leaves Amazon Web Services S3 buckets Internet-accessible. Secret keys are hardcoded into the application source code. An open query port leaves terabytes of user data open and accessible in Elasticsearch.

Crypsis Sensitive Data Exposure Incident Response 

If you’re grappling with a security misconfiguration or data exposure incident, Crypsis can help:

  • Contain the security incident through recommending and implementing safeguards
  • Investigate to determine the root cause, window and scope of the sensitive data exposure
  • If necessary, navigate the PFI process and stay ahead of the credit card brands
  • Leverage our Data Analytics solutions to review the exposed data and quantify or identify sensitive information 

Keep your data secure by knowing the current threat landscape. View our 2020 Incident Response and Data Breach Report to learn the latest risks and Crypsis Pro Tips to keep your data protected.

Why Crypsis?

Sensitive data exposure requires immediate attention and the right expertise. Crypsis is your trusted breach response partner:

We Know the Cloud.

AWS, Google Cloud, Azure - each offers a dizzying array of services, configuration settings, and detective control capabilities. Our teams navigate these platforms daily. We’ll help you identify relevant artifacts and contain quickly.

Cloud-Native Approach.

Cloud-based security incidents require a cloud-focused response. Our response solutions are purpose-built for cloud-based incident response and leverage the speed, power, and global deployment capabilities only available to cloud-native applications.

Powerful, Technology-enabled Solutions.

Often overlooked in data exposure incidents is quantifying what sensitive information was exposed. Crypsis Data Analytics solutions were purpose-built for this challenge. Our Illuminator solution combines best-in-class machine learning AI with our deep data analytics experience to give you the precision you need.

Data Breach Data Exposure Investigation Response Services

Learn More About Crypsis Data Breach Response

The Crypsis Group offers targeted response solutions designed to help organizations minimize the impact of an incident. Trust our experts to help your team get back to work quickly, and prevent future threats. Learn more about our incident response services now, or contact us directly to see how we can help.

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