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Crypsis Data Analytics solutions help you identify and quantify sensitive information at risk in a data breach.

After a data breach, a key step on the road to recovery is to quantify the specific sensitive information exposed. State data breach statutes, regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations can all require victim companies to notify impacted customers or business partners.

Traditionally, analyzing and reviewing this at-risk data to identify sensitive information has been time-intensive, imprecise and above all – expensive. Legacy techniques designed for eDiscovery can yield false-positive hit rates in excess of 90%.

As a result, companies unnecessarily spend thousands of dollars and burn hundreds of review hours to sift through data to identify sensitive information.

Not anymore, with Crypsis Illuminator.

Crypsis Illuminator

Crypsis Illuminator offers companies a better way to identify Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), and other sensitive information potentially exposed as a result of a data breach.

Crypsis Illuminator combines best in class machine learning AI with our deep data analytics experience to offer data breach victims a better way to analyze and respond to sensitive information and at-risk data.

Why Crypsis?

Crypsis is uniquely positioned to help your organization find sensitive information at risk in a data breach. Our solutions are:

Faster, More Reliable, and Less Expensive.

Illuminator combines machine learning AI, natural language processing, and a custom library of search criteria to analyze data in real time. Sensitive data is automatically identified and categorized by data type, consistent with state, federal and international data privacy statutes, effectively eliminating the need for search terms and greatly reducing the amount of required manual review.

Customized to Your Data.

No two data sets are the same. Illuminator incorporates a contextual understanding of at-risk data sources, which allows us to eliminate false positives and more precisely drill down on documents relevant for notification purposes.

Minimize the Need for Manual Document Review.

The highest cost component in sensitive data identification is the manual document review. Illuminator changes the game by minimizing the number of documents requiring manual review. Over 95% of the false-positive hits that would otherwise be identified in eDiscovery-based approaches are eliminated upfront and never make it to human review, saving thousands of dollars in review costs.

Designed for Defensibility.

Data breach notification often means interfacing with regulators, state or federal authorities, and notifying customers and business partners. Restoring trust depends on getting it right.


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The Crypsis Data Analytics team has deep experience with data mining, machine learning AI, and managing large datasets to find relevant information. Contact us directly to see how we can help.

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