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Web Application Attacks

Web applications present a rich attack surface for cybercriminals. From cross-site scripting and SQL Injection, to unpatched software, or the inadvertent exposure of sensitive data, threat actors are constantly scanning for vulnerabilities to exploit. Any opening can quickly escalate to a breach, or even be leveraged to launch attacks against your website’s visitors.

Crypsis Web Application Attack Incident Response

If you’ve been victimized by a compromise to your web application, Crypsis can help:

  • Contain the webapp incident and implement safeguards to protect against further attacks
  • Analyze access and application logs to identify the web application vulnerabilities and exploit
  • Review site source code to identify malicious scripts, scraping, or other malware
  • Quantify application vulnerability and exposure or loss of sensitive information
  • Recommend web application design hardening countermeasures

Why Crypsis?

Choosing the right partner to help you respond to a web application compromise can be challenging, but Crypsis can support your needs:

We’re Developers Too.

Responding to webapp compromises takes an understanding of the different components of the web stack, vulnerabilities, and where relevant artifacts will reside. Our security engineers have deep experience developing and hardening web applications.

Tailored Approach.

From simple WordPress and Magento deployments, to complex load-balanced, or purpose-built applications, there is no one-size fits all response to a webapp compromise. We tailor our response to fit your needs.

Rapid Response.

We deploy quickly. With webapp compromises, Crypsis can collect evidence and investigate remotely, to help you maneuver through the critical decisions and get your team back to business faster.


Our teams have responded to some of the largest web application data breaches in history - events that have exposed hundreds of millions of records. This experience means we understand how to help you navigate through any incident.

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The Crypsis Group offers targeted response solutions designed to help organizations minimize the impact of an incident. Trust our experts to help your team get back to work quickly, and prevent future threats. Learn more about our incident response services now, or contact us directly to see how we can help.

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