TimeFrag empowers analysts to process and timeline large amounts of data. TimeFrag ingests data from multiple sources, captures time related information, and presents users with an easy to use interface to perform timeline analysis. Register to download your copy now!


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tfrag_mac:  SHA1:B26B1916D2FD76E75523F947702D35678E80062E | MD5:AA321D37D09112238FD39B0C32965019

tfrag_win.exe: SHA1:38759EBC40BBC2AF75A74E25024995F06BF035EC | MD5:99777D2C3483BA119D0844F4C3C4B008

tfrag_linux: SHA1:27D9426C9F9A2BE2F6ED97DCBF6AA8EC4B594705 |   MD5:4150085D08A00356480FD1C00ED92371