We Fight Cybercrime

Why Choose Crypsis?

Five qualities distinguish our work.

Unparalleled Experience

Whether responding to a breach or managing cyber risk, we understand your challenges. Hailing from U.S. government agencies and global security firms, Crypsis consultants have handled some of the largest data breaches in history. Our breach response team is one of the busiest, responding to security incidents at a rate of more than 1,000 per year. Our Risk Management solutions are informed by this unparalleled experience, and we focus our assessments and prioritize recommendations based on attack vectors we see affecting organizations day in and day out. Our teams have conducted thousands of cyber risk evaluations and worked with organizations across the globe to identify and mitigate cyber threats.

Cyber threat monitoring

Elite Expertise

We thrive on solving challenging problems. Facing a serverless infrastructure breach, high stakes litigation, or a global risk management issue? Bring it on. Our consultants are information security experts with a diverse set of skills and experience and a hunger for seemingly intractable problems to solve. We manage complex cyber risks for global organizations and respond to the most challenging data breach incidents, including attacks by nation-state actors, insiders, and cybercriminals looking to steal sensitive data. We tap this expertise to innovate and to build creative new solutions to emerging cybersecurity challenges.

Your Trusted Cybersecurity Advisor

Cybersecurity expertise is necessary, but alone it is not enough. We combine our technical skills with a sincere desire to help and protect our clients. We believe in building meaningful relationships through collaboration, community, and teamwork. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of talking with our clients and not at them. Beyond that, it’s about building trust and confidence that an attack will be stopped and threats will be managed – and then delivering on that promise. We are here for you when you need us, offering unbiased advice and expert solutions, always with your best interests in mind.


Built for Speed and

We move fast to help our clients. Everything we do, from deployment to analysis and delivery of findings, is built for speed. We activate our incident response teams within minutes, integrating the specialized skill sets needed - from forensic consultants to malware analysts and team leaders. We move quickly to contain, to investigate, and to coordinate our response. We work with you to find the facts and maneuver through the critical decisions that get you back to business fast. In our risk management engagements, we appreciate that cybersecurity spending is an investment. We take care to consider where our clients’ security budgets are focused - achieving the best return on investment in terms of risk mitigation. We deliver solutions on time, on budget, and designed for maximum impact.

Constant Innovation and Advanced Technology Drive Us

Staying ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape requires the best technology and constant innovation. We pride ourselves in the research, development, and creativity we put into solving our clients’ cybersecurity challenges. Crypsis has developed and continues to evolve a powerful suite of technology-enabled incident response solutions. We integrate cloud-native computing and machine learning AI to enable our teams to respond globally and at enterprise scale in minutes, not days or weeks. Our proprietary tools allow Crypsis to deploy faster, hunt smarter, investigate deeper, and contain completely.